I’m a little late doing this and I hope you can forgive me but happy birthday, babe. You’re honestly one of the coolest and funniest girls I know. You’re always so happy and cheery and you’re just a little ball of sunshine. What? You’re now Eighteen?  Which means you’re legally allowed to do the following things: 1. Buy tobacco 

  1. Change your name 
  2. Get a tattoo 
  3. Get a piercing 
  4.  Buy spray paint 
  5.  Sue someone 
  6.  Get married 
  7.  Adopt a child 
  8.  Be on Jerry Springer 
  9.  Buy a lottery ticket 
  10.  Go to a night club 
  11.  Skydive 
  12.  Sign legal documents 
  13.  Gamble 
  14.  Move out of the parental units house 
  15.  Get paid more 
  16.  Go to prison
  17.  Be convicted as an adult 
  18.  Become an undercover cop 
  19.  Work full-time 
  20.  Become a flight attendant 
  21.  Drive any time of day 
  22.  Visit a porn site 
  23.  Visit a porn store 
  24.  Become a stripper 
  25.  Work in an alcohol serving establishment 
  26.  Work in bar 
  27.  Get a bar tending license 
  28.  Go to a strip club 
  29.  Work in a strip club 
  30.  Work in a night club 
  31.  Vote 
  32.  Buy a monkey (w/ a license) 
  33.  Carry a weapon (w/ a license) 
  34.  Go bungee jumping 
  35.  Rent a port-a-potty 
  36.  Sign yourself out of school 
  37.  Give a lap dance 
  38.  Get a lap dance 

I bolded the super cool ones, but anyways I hope you had an amazing birthday and you deserve tons and tons of happiness. From one megan to another, congrats on being 18♡♡♡♡